I am an avid (amateur) sourdough baker. Like many people, my sourdough began in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I had been casually baking bread for a few years at that point, but I had never experimented with sourdough. I could think of nothing better than to start experimenting with fermentation and sourdough baking while stuck inside looking for some way to pass the time, feel productive, and produce yummy food.

Dakota Bakes Bread

My starter (still unnamed) was “born” in April of 2020. In the time since then I have baked dozens if not hundreds of rustic batards and boules, focaccia, loafs of sandwich-style bread, and plenty of sourdough pizzas. I am constantly trying different recipes, flours, and processes. In general I like to use around 30% whole grain flour for a “standard” loaf, and 70%+ for a “whole grain” loaf. I prefer to always use some portion of stone ground, whole grain flour, and I often use bolted (sifted) stone-ground flour as well.

You can follow most of my bread and pizza baking adventures on Instagram: @dakotabakesbread. I hope to start sharing some recipes and results here soon!

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