Software Subscriptions

Monthly/annual subscription payment models have become an incredibly popular yet divisive choice for many software companies. The truth is, maintaining software takes money, and some times things are worth paying for.


Software I am actively subscribed to.



A big enough group to have it’s own subcategory.

  • Disney+
  • (HBO) Max
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Peacock
  • Prime Video
  • YouTube Premium (and YouTube Music)


Software I am thinking about paying for.

  • Excalidraw+ - Excalidraw is an incredible free tool already - definitely interested in some of the premium features.
  • Obsidian - After exploring free options for publishing obsidian notes, am exploring the option of migrating to a paid Obsidian publish account for my public kb/wiki/digital garden. The combination of writing in markdown and seemless wikilink experience is what sells it for me.


Software I used to subscribe to.