I believe that video game wikis can be an incredibly source of information and community when done well. Sometimes that means official wikis sponsored by the game developer/publisher. Sometimes independent ones. But all of them depend on a strong community with player-lead contributions and management.

Wiki software is incredibly powerful and a perfect match for documenting everything about a video game.

Favorite Wikis

These are some of my favorites:

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A Note on Fandom.com

A ton of games have either official or unofficial Wikis created on fandom.com. Fandom used to be known as Wikia, and rebranded a few years ago. A few years after that, they acquired Gamepedia, another major host of multiple high-profile game wikis. Fandom is actually part of the for-profit arm of Wikipedia, the company that builds and maintains the incredibly popular mediawiki software (and the amazing non-profit wikipedia.org)

Unfortunately I find Fandom to be a generally poor user experience. They serve a ton of ads, the UI is complicated and often makes it challenging to find what you’re looking for, and the actual content is spread very thin - so finding useful information quickly is challenging.

Fandom does excellent SEO though, so wikis hosted on Fandom are often at the top of the search results.

I think the best place for most game wikis is on their own domain so the people actually invested in the wiki have complete control. Wiki hosting isn’t free or easy, so this isn’t an option for some things. Fandom does offer some utility in that manor - anyone can start a wiki and manage it there relatively easy. I just wish the final results were better.